What’s in a name?

The question “What’s in a name” got full coverage from Shakespeare when Juliet asked Romeo the mighty question in 1595. I don’t think anyone anticipated that 400 plus years later trustees in bankruptcy in Canada would be asking the same question. They’ve been calling themselves trustees in bankruptcy for decades, but for some reason, some […]

A Simple Christmas

By Margaret H. Johnson A good friend of mine, Michael Gillette, a renowned guitarist and teacher, gave me a great Christmas CD of traditional music with a delicious new flavour. Only two instruments play – a flute and acoustic guitar – that reinvigorate the classics with lively nuances and brilliant flurries. An added feature to […]

Debt Consolidation 3 Ways

By Margaret H. Johnson What is debt consolidation? In essence, it is combining multiple debts into one payment for the benefit of simplicity, lower interest fees and lower monthly payments. How does debt consolidation work? People often talk about debt consolidation, but did you know there are 3 different avenues to this vague catch phrase? […]

How to Find More Income

By Margaret H. Johnson On the Solutions blog we talk a lot about budgeting and saving money, because personal finance really is about how much you spend compared to how much you make. But there is a point where you just can’t scrimp and save another cent than you already do, and there’s a point […]

Are You A Debt Burnout?

By Margaret H. Johnson Throughout my career, I have seen a lot of clients go through a range of emotions relating to debt repayment. Obviously, at first, clients are ‘gung ho’ to get their debt paid off – excited, anxious, motivated. They have many questions relating to the process of debt repayment and how being […]

Gambling and Payday Loans

By Margaret H. Johnson Recently a new casino (aka ‘gaming facility’) opened up in my area. Since it’s opening, new payday lending stores have been popping up all around the vicinity. Coincidence? I think not. Payday loans provide the quick cash that fuels a gambling addiction. When the gambler is losing, they can simply head […]

Chilliwack debt consolidator’s bio doesn’t tell the whole story

Don Antle doesn’t mention his personal bankruptcy, or cease-and-desist issued by financial regulators By David Baines, Vancouver Sun columnist In my Saturday column, I reported that Don Antle of Chilliwack had sold at least 15 licences for his consumer debt consolidation businesses, Options Credit Services Canada Ltd. Most of the purchasers paid $15,000 plus $1,800 […]

Lawsuits mount against Don Antle’s Chilliwack debt counselling firm

By David Baines, Vancouver Sun columnist Chilliwack’s Don Antle refers to himself as “chief success officer” at his credit counselling firm, which is now doing business as Options Debt Consolidation Canada, but there are a few people who might scoff at that appellation. From 2010 to 2012, Antle sold at least 15 operating licences in […]